Chocolate and small children

Espa is missing, presumed dead.

*generic muttering about clairvoyance as she eyes him warily*

"Something I can help you with?"


"Y’made cupcakes without me? Tch, gonna hafta have a little word wit’ yer brothers." Ryuzaki huffed, folding his arms over his chest and leaning against the counter. "No matter, there’s gonna be other times, ‘nd they’d probably be edible if I helped out."

"Ryuu… I hate to break it to you but you can’t cook, the last time we tried baking you mixed the ingredients wrong and we ended up with rock cakes instead of muffins…” Espa was willing to admit that they didn’t taste bad, though. He stood from his stool and shuffled over to one of the shelves, straightening out some of the spines. “Do you want me to pass out the message to Jiro? I’m sure he would appreciate a baking partner… and it saves from having to step in and rescue the kitchen when things go wrong.”


It didn’t take long before Ryuzak burst through the entrance to the modest little book store, sending the bell above the door into a ringing frenzy. “Espa!” He shouted, leaping over a basket of second-hand children’s books, “I didn’ mean t’miss yer birthday yesterday, hope y’didn’ have too much fun without me.” The teen stopped in front of the counter, grinning ear to ear at the mint-haired boy. 

The battered copy of Through the Looking Glass slipped through Espa’s fingers in surprised as his friend practically barrelled through the front of the store. “You need to stop doing that, you’re going to be the death of me,” he admonished, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I had a nice, quiet birthday, Jiro helped Ritsu and Shinji make cupcakes for me… they weren’t edible, so we ordered pizza. You should’ve come over.” Such a shame, there was still cold leftovers in the fridge.

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[text] Hang tight, I’m calling in!

      Espa set down his cellphone on the little shelf underneath the cash register without replying and resumed reading. Ryuzaki was lucky that the little store hadn’t seen much business in the past couple of hours, he could easily take a little time to see what his scatterbrained friend wanted. He idly licked his thumb, turning the page of his book, how many times had he read this particular book now? He had lost track, five? Six?  No one had ever consider buying it, so it just continued to gather dust on the shelf. 

[text] Are you working today?

[text:] For the next four hours, why?

Is it really your birthday today or is this a joke?

Every year. Every single year. There’s always at least one person who feels the need to ask. Yes, yes it’s really my birthday. 


It’s Espa’s birthday today and I’m gonna smooch that dork right on the face.

Was that your special way of asking for my permission?

Haopy Birthday Sexy.


Thank you.

did you type that with your feet?

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