{幽霊} Free time? What a luxury. Of course, Ryou’s job wasn’t exactly stressful, it waned on the side of pleasant one more than one occasion. The store had been quiet thus far, even the rebellious little clock spirit hadn’t stirred, he had found himself without anything to do but knit. So that’s what he was doing. Still atop his little wooden stool with a handful of knitting needles and beige colored wool. Better get a head start on his winter wardrobe. A nice scarf would suit him down to the ground.

                           He looked up when the bell rang, fingers doing their own thing while he observed the newcomer. Judging from appearances alone, the male didn’t look like someone who often ventured inside such stores. "Is there something I can help you with?" He asked, finishing a line in his woolly project and setting it down. 

The shop was stranger on the inside that it was on the outside, the contents didn’t seem to adhere to a specific theme. It seemed like they were selling a little bit of everything. “Oh, I don’t think so,” Espa picked up a rusty key and inspected it thoughtfully. Was this stuff supposed to have a purpose? It looked like something pre-teen boy would hoard in a shoe box under his bed, or Ryuzaki for that matter. “This is quite the collection you’ve got here, if you don’t mind me saying.”



Fuck, all my music is embarrasin’ as shit…
                        “Fixer Upper - Frozen” …………….

Send me “♫”, I’ll put my iPod on shuffle and then tell you our song.

  "I know a couple of little boys who would love to watch that movie with you, they know all the words and everything." Espa, however, wasn’t one for Disney movies. Good luck with that Ryuu, you fixer upper, you.

Send me “♫”, I’ll put my iPod on shuffle and then tell you our song.

Blow Me (One Last Kiss) - Pink
   …yeah basically.
Send me “♫”, I’ll put my iPod on shuffle and then tell you our song.


                                                                               Three out of four brothers are at camp, the house has never been so quiet. What’s a guy to do. Clean everything again? Bake? Steam the carpets…? Seriously. Espa Roba was at a loss, he might never complain about his siblings again. At least, until they start acting up again. —

                                                                              Maybe it’s nap time after all. —
                                                                                                        Z Z Z Z

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The eldest Roba brother had been gifted with an entire morning of rare and valuable free time. He didn’t have chores, his siblings were away at camp and the babysitter had offered to take Ryouri of his hands for most of the day. Naturally he was going to make the most of his freedom. He wasn’t usually one for shopping, the lack of funds meant he could splash out on things as often as he would have liked, but from time to time he enjoyed window shopping.

One of the stores that had recently caught his interest was rather tucked away, he almost missed it completely. It seemed like the sort of shop his mother would spend a lot of time it, and part of him wondered if perhaps she had ever been a customer. The place looked like it could’ve been there a while. He perused the window display, admiring some of the more intriguing wares. Plucking up the courage he pushed open the door, a bell sounding above his head as he entered.

Do you think any of your friends should hook up?


[[ 龍 ]] -                  ”Well, Espa an’ Ryuzaki definitely need’a get tagether
                                  at some point, that’s fer sure. They’re practically boyfriends.
                                       … Besides that… nah, I don’t really pay attention ta things like

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"Yer always so serious, yeesh," Not that Ryuzaki was blaming him, Espa had a lot to think about. He very rarely did something for himself. "Nah, I ain’t goin’ nowhere, might’as well keep y’company for a little longer. Maybe go’n make use o’ that one corner of the stock room that don’t got CCTV." The brunet beamed, stifling a rather loud snort into the sleeve of his jacket. 

"Of course I’m serious, one of use has to be." But he smiled in spite of himself, it was immensely difficult to stay angry with someone like Ryuzaki. Truthfully he was just a giant dork. Espa rolled his eyes and pulled a heavy looking book from one of the shelves, holding it out to the brunet with an eyebrow raised, "Not today, sunshine. Go and read this. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you until I’m done cleaning." The book was old and probably didn’t have many pictures, but it was about history and he knew that Ryuu enjoyed the subject. "Go on, shoo. Go sit in the bean bags on pipe down."



Ryuzaki huffed “…yeah, well, ain’t no arguin’ wit’ that I guess,” He shuffled over to the front desk and hopped up onto it, legs dangling as he watched Espa go about his cleaning. “I gotta wait another two whole hours fer you t’finish playin’ maid? C’mon, I don’ know anyone who’s even heard’a this place, what’s the chance you’ll even get sales t’day? Yer boss won’t know if ya were playin’ hookie, right?”

"I could leave now, but I’d be missing out on two hours of pay." Espa retorted flatly, "Now, as much as I’d like to leave, I’ve got food to buy and some bills to pay. Need I remind you that I’ve got a couple of mouths to feed?" Eyes flickered to the calendar on the wall; three weeks until his father sent him money. "Oh, and my boss would find out one way or another if I wasn’t here. You’re welcome to go, though. I’m not going to stop you."

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