Never thought there would be a day where the words ‘sexy butterfly costume’ would become a part of my internet history but here we are..

By the way, you're cute and I love you.







“I swear, yer gonna work yerself into an early gra—- er, y’know what, never-mind.. I don’ think I’ve worked out how t’actually send text messages yet. Yeah, new phone…” Nice save you piece of shit, way to potentially destroy a pleasant conversation. Let’s keep the premature death jokes to a minimum, shall we? That’s what I thought. "You can blame minecraft… and work, but mostly minecraft."

That comment, incomplete as it was, didn’t go unnoticed. Alas, Espa was too tired to say anything about it, but that was nothing new, he was always tired. “So you’ve been holed away in your room playing computer games? You couldn’t even find the time to come and see me…? Ryuu, I’m hurt.” He wasn’t hurt. Ryuzaki was predictable. 


"… I did text ya, didn’ I?"

"I haven’t recieved a single message from you in almost a month, to be honest I thought you had died but then I remembered that you like to hide yourself away from time to time. That, and I’m always incredibly busy.. I hadn’t even really noticed."

( I just remembered that this account is a thing that exists on the internet and I’d very much like to used it more, so hmu if you’re a yugioh roleplayer. There will never be a day when we don’t need more minor characters from DM… )


"Then why didn’t you text me?"


                           {幽霊} Free time? What a luxury. Of course, Ryou’s job wasn’t exactly stressful, it waned on the side of pleasant one more than one occasion. The store had been quiet thus far, even the rebellious little clock spirit hadn’t stirred, he had found himself without anything to do but knit. So that’s what he was doing. Still atop his little wooden stool with a handful of knitting needles and beige colored wool. Better get a head start on his winter wardrobe. A nice scarf would suit him down to the ground.

                           He looked up when the bell rang, fingers doing their own thing while he observed the newcomer. Judging from appearances alone, the male didn’t look like someone who often ventured inside such stores. "Is there something I can help you with?" He asked, finishing a line in his woolly project and setting it down. 

The shop was stranger on the inside that it was on the outside, the contents didn’t seem to adhere to a specific theme. It seemed like they were selling a little bit of everything. “Oh, I don’t think so,” Espa picked up a rusty key and inspected it thoughtfully. Was this stuff supposed to have a purpose? It looked like something pre-teen boy would hoard in a shoe box under his bed, or Ryuzaki for that matter. “This is quite the collection you’ve got here, if you don’t mind me saying.”

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